entete recrutement

Our recruitment process

Interested in a career at Premier Tech? Find out about our recruitment process.

How to apply

First, consult the job offers on our website. If one of them corresponds to what you are looking for, apply directly using the online form. This form is the most simple and efficient means to send us your candidacy.

None of the posted job offers suits you? Send us your résumé all the same. We will keep it in our candidate bank so we can consult it if a position corresponding to your profile becomes vacant.

In both cases, a receipt notification will appear on the screen to confirm your résumé has been saved. You will not be sent any e-mail.

We also invite you to sign up for our job alerts to be notified by e-mail of the new positions available in your field.

Analysis of the file

All the résumés received are analyzed by the person in charge of the corresponding recruitment file. That person pre-selects candidates by identifying those whose profile corresponds best to the requirements of the vacant position.

If your candidacy is retained, you will be contacted by phone to discuss your interests, experiences and competencies as regards the available position. We thank all candidates for their interest. However, we only communicate with those retained for an interview.

Interviews and evaluations

If you are called for an individual interview at our offices, you will meet a member of the organizational development team and the position’s manager. They will evaluate your professional and technical potential. More than one interview may be necessary and you may be asked to complete certain tests for a more thorough evaluation of your candidacy.

Decision making

Towards the end of the process, the choice of a candidate will be made jointly by those who will have met you. If you have been selected, the person in charge of the recruitment file will contact you by phone to make you an offer. In the meantime, if you wish to know what stage the process is at, he is also the best person to communicate with.


Premier Tech recognizes the unique talents and experiences of each individual. That’s why we value diversity and commit to providing equal opportunity to all candidates throughout the recruitment process. Accommodations may be available on request for candidates with disabilities.