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Working at Premier Tech

A partner in your career

Premier Tech’s success is based on the competencies of each of its team members. In agreement with our vision to be at the leading edge of our markets, we invest in our team members to make sure their knowledge is also in the vanguard.

You are an experienced professional wishing to take his career to the next level? You are a new graduate looking for an employer that is ready to invest in your potential? The challenges Premier Tech offers will match your ambitions. The diversity of our activities and the power of our teams will allow you to propel your ideas, develop your expertise and surpass yourself.

Induction and integration

When you arrive at Premier Tech, you will soon realize your induction was carefully prepared. A personalized integration plan will guide you through your first days within the company. Your manager and colleagues will actively participate in the achievement of that plan, which will help you learn the essentials to carry out your duties and perform within your team.

Working conditions

In each part of the world where Premier Tech is present, we make sure we recognize the value of the efforts made by our team members by offering them a competitive remuneration.

Our team members also enjoy a range of benefits that match their needs, including a group insurance program, a pension plan and more specific services. Thus, they can plan their future better and give their family security while experiencing a greater harmony between their professional and personal life.

Training and competencies development

Each year, Premier Tech invests to allow its team members to develop the competencies that are essential to their duties and the evolution of their career. Whether it relates to professional, technical or managerial training, the team members’ professional development needs are identified and filled in a global team development vision.

Career progression

Whether your ambition is to be promoted, develop your expertise or diversify your knowledge, you will be encouraged to make your career evolve within the organization. In the course of your career, you will regularly have the possibility to re-evaluate and express your aspirations, in the short or long term.

Working at Premier Tech means reinventing your career thanks to the professional development activities, the mandates received, the support obtained, the collaboration with diversified teams and the exposure to new practices!