The Premier Tech Culture

Building, innovating, transcending our ambitions and our VISION. Evolving within an international context. All together, working for Premier Tech’s success.

Contributing to the prosperity of our customers while offering a pleasant work environment that stimulates confidence and self-fulfillment.

Encouraging initiatives, INNOVATION. Respecting the right to make mistakes… with the duty to learn from them. Giving value to TEAM WORK. Persevering, showing AGILITY and rigor in the EXECUTION of our daily actions to satisfy our internal and external customers.

Promoting the exchange of ideas, challenging one another, showing open-mindedness and transparency in order to make the best business decisions. Recognizing and celebrating team achievements as well as the results of our team members worldwide.

The Premier Tech Culture means being proud of who we are and believing in our future!

Conceiving new approaches, new methods, perceiving today what tomorrow will be made of to meet the market’s demands better.
It means imagining a new world in order to achieve it!

Proposing new ideas, creating innovative concepts, encouraging difference. Making room for change and openness in order to help the company move forward.
It means standing out!

Combining our strengths and passions with those of our team mates, with one goal in mind. Showing openness towards others, participating in discussions and sharing our opinions constructively to reach a solution that results from everybody’s contribution.
It means collaborating!

Knowing how to adjust rapidly, evolving with flexibility within a moving environment, responding to change effectively. Finding our place within an unpredictable world context with ease and confidence.
It means knowing how to adapt!

Accomplishing work with precision and rapidity. Evolving daily in diligence and excellence, while respecting the environment’s imperatives. Avoiding routine and always trying to improve.
It’s fulfilling ourselves through our talents!