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Premier Tech Invests in One of Its American Plants

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Premier Tech owes its business and manufacturing leadership to its commitment to operational excellence and to the advanced manufacturing technologies used in its plants around the world. Today, the company is pleased to announce a brand new modernization initiative for its Horticulture and Agriculture Group plant in Mattaponi, Virginia, in the United States.

When Premier Tech acquired the facility in 2016, the company undertook major improvements right away to meet its high standards for occupational health and safety and for productivity. Nearly USD 2.5 million was invested in the project, creating nine new jobs in addition to the existing eight.

Now the company wants to take it even further and increase the manufacturing capacity of the plant for the professional horticultural market in the United States. To this end, Premier Tech will inject an additional USD 1.89 million. As well as quadrupling the volume of raw materials sourced from local partners, this new strategic initiative will create twenty additional jobs over the next three years.

During a press conference held at Premier Tech Horticulture’s plant in Mattaponi, Governor Ralph Northam announced that the King and Queen County Economic Development Authority, the Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund, and the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund would contribute financial support to the tune of USD 75,000 each. This is in addition to a USD 12,000 subsidy from the Virginia Jobs Investment Program and a sales tax exemption on the purchase of production equipment. Total financial support is estimated at over USD 300,000 for a project that will cost USD 1.89 million.

“Premier Tech has always made it a priority to keep moving forward, by improving and by strengthening our ability to perform well so we can be successful in our markets and secure our future,” said Bernard Bélanger, chairman of the board and CEO. “But above all, we want to better serve our clients and help them achieve success, too. This initiative is one more step in that direction, reaffirming Premier Tech’s long-term commitment to streamlining our technology and our manufacturing activities.”